2019 full christian movie "It's Good to Believe in God" | God has given me a happy life | Christian Movies
2019 full christian movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” | God has given me a happy life

2019 full christian movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” | God has given me a happy life

2019 full christian movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” | God has given me a happy life
To make enough money to live a good life, Ding Ruilin and her husband put in a bit of hard work to open and run a business. But thanks to the CCP government’s exploitation and abuse, they remain heavily in debt and have no choice but to travel abroad to work. To make more money, Ding Ruilin takes on two jobs. The heavy burden of her work and the indifference of the people around her make her realize the pain and helplessness of living for money. In the midst of her pain and confusion, she meets high school buddy Lin Zhixin. In their conversations, Ding Ruilin sees that Lin Zhixin has come to understand many things because of her faith in God. With the presence of God, she feels spiritual peace and happiness and lives in a relaxed, easy state, which causes Ding Ruilin to believe in God as well. To make even more money soon, Ding Ruilin and her husband take over a restaurant, but prolonged fatigue causes Ding Ruilin to become seriously ill, which in turn leaves her at risk of paralysis. The pain of her illness causes Ding Ruilin to begin to reflect on life. What should people live for? Is it worth sacrificing your life for wealth and fame? Can Money Help People Avoid Emptiness and Misery? Can it save people from death? Through her sisters’ community of God’s Word, Ding Ruilin is able to clearly see the answers to these questions about life, she learns about the most important thing to pursue in life, and she finally finds spiritual release. Through the guidance of God’s Word, Ding Ruilin finally discovers happiness in life …

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