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Christian Movie CAGED

Christian Movie CAGED

CAGED is a story of a young girl whose name is Libby. She is a meaningful and feisty young girl from a single-parent home who meets the perfect American, rich doctor online and starts a budding romance. But what is love when you cannot be together? Then Libby travels all the way to meet Mr Straight in the country’s opportunities. However, will everything be fine with Mr? Find out in this plot-twisting movie.
CAGED movies are a modern story that tries to tackle issues of online dating and the potential risks. However, it does encourage parents to the power of prayer and how to handle dishonest children. This beautiful movie was filmed in locations in Houston TX, USA and Manchester, UK.
With Adedoyin Akande, Yemi Abubakare. Written and directed by Bola Akande.