God is my power Christian Movie "Seventeen? The hell you are!" | Based on a true story | Christian Movies
God is my power Christian Movie “Seventeen? The hell you are!” | Based on a true story

God is my power Christian Movie “Seventeen? The hell you are!” | Based on a true story

God is my power Christian Movie “Seventeen? The hell you are!” | Based on a true story
“Kid! Do you know that the Communist Party is an atheist and against faith in God? In China, what is God there for you to believe in? Where is this god for you?” “Don’t assume that because you are young, we will be gentle with you! If you continue to believe in God, you will end up dead!” With electric rods in their hands, Chinese Communist police rush this bruised young man.
This boy’s name is Gao Liang and he was 17 years old that year. He was on his way home from spreading the gospel with an older brother when he was arrested by Chinese Communist police. The police gave him nothing to eat and did not allow him to sleep for three days and three nights. They interrogated him, tried to extort a confession from him and subjected him to cruel torture. They even used electric rods to shock him on the chin, both his hands and his lower area. They tried to force him to betray God and provide them with information about church leaders and the financial resources of the church through extortion of him. This was about threatening to arrest his parents and have his school expel him. When the Chinese communist government failed to achieve its goals, he sentenced him to one year of retraining through work. While in prison, not only did Gao Liang endure excessive labor demands, but he was also humiliated and tormented. In prison, Gao Liang experienced what can only be called hell on earth. During this painful improvement, Gao Liang prayed to God and trusted God. Almighty God’s Word enlightened him to understand God’s intentions. It gave him faith and strength, and it guided him so he could get through the one year he spent in prison. The persecution and arrest of the Chinese Communist government is engraved in Gao Liang’s heart. He clearly and deeply sees the evil essence of the Chinese Communist government and its opposition to God. In this world where Satan’s forces hold on, only God loves man the most. Only God can save man. His faith and willingness to follow God became even more resolute. Gao Liang says these trials and tribulations are valuable treasures for the growth and development of his life. It was a special gift that God gave him in his 17th year …

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