Hebrew Christian Movie | & # 39; God is the power of my life & # 39; | Christian Movies
Hebrew Christian Movie | & # 39; God is the power of my life & # 39;

Hebrew Christian Movie | & # 39; God is the power of my life & # 39;

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Hebrew Christian Movie | ‘God is the power of my life’

Fang Jin is messianic. The Chinese Communist government arrested her during a rally. To force Baggett into her brothers, sisters and God, the police dispense food, drink and sleep for seven nights and six days, and watch her in all sorts of inhumane ways: brutal beating, “swinging the game” kneeling, provoking and humiliating. Bruises covered her whole body, limbs in silence. Out of her pain, she prayed to God. God’s words lit her eyes and helped her repeatedly to see through the devil’s tricks, which strengthened her and her faith. That is how she managed to survive the devil’s destruction and bear testimony to God! After being brutally persecuted by Intel after the Chinese Communist, she recognized what it was. At home, she also witnessed God’s wonderful works and demonstrated the power and authority embodied in his words. She realized deeply that God was the power of her life. She is determined to follow God’s ways throughout her life!

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