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Jesus telugu movie part 2 || Telugu Christian Movies

Jesus telugu movie part 2 || Telugu Christian Movies

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Jesus (also known as Jesus Film) is a 1979 biblical drama film directed by Peter Sykes and John Krish, and produced by John Heyman. In Jesus, the life of Jesus Christ is depicted, first and foremost with the help of the Gospel of Luke as the main foundation of history. A voice-over narrative appears sporadically throughout the film, providing background information on characters and events.[3]

Recorded on location in Israel, the film was primarily funded by Campus Crusade for Christ with a $ 6 million budget and released without production or cast credits when producer John Heyman declared that the creators of this image were “just translators” of The New Testament Gospel of Luke, “so that no one will know who produced or directed the film.”[3] At the end of the movie, it says that the Good News Bible (today’s English version) was used during filming, and instead of telling a parallel story or decorating the biblical story like other biblical films, the filmmakers chose to stick to the Gospel of Luke so as close as possible.[4]

Jesus is sometimes described as the most viewed movie of all time,[5][6] in addition to being the most translated film of all time.[7][8]

Brian Deacon, a Shakespearean actor, was cast as Jesus for his “ethnically correct” olive color. In addition to 45 major actors, mainly Israeli, an additional 5,000 extras were involved in the shooting. The filmmakers cast Yemeni Jews as background extracts because, according to Eshleman, “their facial features have changed at least over 2,000 years.” Filming began in late November 1978 at a location in Tiberias, Israel, which continued for 31 weeks throughout the country, including the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. During production, Heyman revealed that the filmmakers “were required to re-film three days of work” because “they had shown eucalyptus trees in various shots” when “eucalyptus trees were introduced to Palestine much later”.[4]

Deacon grew his hair and beard during production, but producer Jon Heyman had decided for Deacon to wear a wig over his hair, as well as a prosthetic nose, so he had a Mediterranean look. Former director of Jesus Film Project Paul Eshleman, who was on the scene during much of the main photo, revealed in the DVD’s audio commentary that Deacon was so committed to the film and its announcement that he read several Bible translations a day to make sure I have presented the teachings of Christ correctly.[14] As Deacon developed pneumonia during head photography, double rooms were used in certain scenes. Deacon’s dialogue mostly consists of full-length scriptures, and he is hardly depicted and does nothing but do miracles and speak.[4]

Eshleman revealed that Niko Nitai, the actor who played Peter, became a believer during the shooting. In terms of special effects, the movie features buffets of smoke and transparent glories to indicate miracles and angelic figures, and a whirring snake and a deep voice represent Satan.[4] Heyman’s original clip of the Jesus movie ran for more than four hours. However, in consultation with Bright and Eshleman, I have edited a shorter version for Campus Crusade. Right after the filming, Heyman was not satisfied with the original dialect of the Israeli cast and decided that they should all be called upon by English voice actors using received pronunciation accent.[15]

Directed by Peter Sykes
John Krish
Produced by John Heyman
Screenplay by Barnet Fishbein
Starring Brian Deacon
Rivka Neumann
Yosef Shiloach
Told by Alexander Scourby
Music by Nachum Heiman
Genesis Project[1]
Distributed by inspirational films
Warner Bros. Images
Release date
October 19, 1979 (USA)
115 minutes
128 minutes (remastered)
Country USA[2]
Language: English
Budget $ 6 million
Box office $ 4 million

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