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The open door | Christian Movie | Drama Film | English | Free movie

The open door | Christian Movie | Drama Film | English | Free movie

The Open Door – Sam and the life he shares are changing the attitude of family, friends, and community toward those with special needs.

The Open Door (2017)
Instructor: Steven F. Zambo
Author: Steven F. Zambo
Stars: David Ruprecht, Michael Jeske, Megan Ann Jacobs
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Driving: 1 h 40 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Movie locations: Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA


Sam (Michael Jeske), is a young man who has special needs. He lives with his mother (Kelly Zierath.) Several years earlier, his sister Madison (Megan Ann Jacobs) left home to find a life for himself as an artist in Door County, Wisconsin. One day, when Madison arrives at her workplace, Palmer Art Gallery, she is told that her mother is dead. This news immediately changes both Madison’s and Sam’s life. After their mother’s funeral, Sam arrives at Madison. She rents the top floor of an old Roy Harrison (David Ruprecht.) Farmhouse. Roy is an elderly citizen in his ways. He has some time for his peculiar bearings and her brother. A number of circumstances bring Roy and Sam closer together. Sam also realizes that his sister may also have special needs. As Sam says, “Some people’s needs are on the outside for everyone to see. While others keep them on the inside hidden from sight.” Sam’s passion is shoes. He knows everything about them. He is inspired to keep a shoe … Posted by Steven F. Zambo

User Reviews:

” This production addresses the issues that people with special needs deal with daily. As a vintage teacher, I saw the rudeness and unfriendliness shown to children with special needs because of people’s ignorance of the problem. It is time for someone to address these issues. Salty Earth did an excellent job with their production of “The Open Door”. People with special needs are wonderful, loving, smart people, we just don’t give them a chance. God says we must love one another. He said not only love the super intelligent, good-looking, good-looking people. Remember that I died for everyone. Big thanks to the Zantos and Jesus Cares group for doing an excellent job of “telling it as it is”. This movie really touched my heart and touched yours too. Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the good work! ” Posted by gronholzcarol on IMDb.

” Very well thought out on a very emotional topic !!!! The action and instruction are exceptional. Mr. Dave Rupprecht delivers an exciting performance !!! Soon a classic! ” Posted by petervallee on IMDb.

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