WHEN GOD'S POWER BREAKS THE KNOWLEDGE – Nigerian Christian Movies 2020 Mount Zion Movie | Christian Movies
WHEN GOD’S POWER BREAKS THE KNOWLEDGE – Nigerian Christian Movies 2020 Mount Zion Movie

WHEN GOD’S POWER BREAKS THE KNOWLEDGE – Nigerian Christian Movies 2020 Mount Zion Movie

This is a Nigerian Christian movie 2020 Mount Zion movie

See Part 1: https://youtu.be/0d3spgZ3U9Y

See Part 2: https://youtu.be/sYhr5Pwr1zI

CAST: Gentle Jack, Chinwetalu Agu, Chioma Chukwuka

SYNOPSIS: After Aziza inflames Ngozi’s brother with his anger, Ngozi would stop at nothing to save his brother and ask the gods to take revenge on the evil expelled Aziza. Do their gods have ears? Would they hear the cries of the people and pay Aziza back in its own coins?

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